Notes From Peter Walker


This album was penned in the wake of losing two people very close to my heart. I never took our band name too literally, but it secured a whole new undeniable meaning at that point, and it seemed from the onset of this project that it might be our final say under the moniker. It was important to make music full of life and joy even if some of the subject matter was gut-wrenching. We took that to heart through the recording process, having unforgettable fun in the studio.

This was the first record tracked at the newly finished Dangerbird studio. Butch Walker executive produced and snuck in on guitar for the chorus of "BETTER THAN NOTHING". We recorded and rough mixed one song per day, starting in the morning with the full band set up and finishing the day with vocals. I played an old farfisa chord organ on a lot of the songs, the bass was an old guild acoustic loaned to us by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and we were proud to have featured a vibra-slap on many tracks. We had a blast making this record!