Notes From Peter Walker


I wrote these songs exclusively on an old fender p-bass i have. the demos are simply bass (through an echoplex), vocal and a few keyboard melodies here and there. This allowed the songs to focus on the melody of the vocal without worrying about all the instrumentation. Keep things to the point. When it came time to present the songs to the rest of the band, I had to actually learn how to play them on we were all learning them together!

Recorded at the pass studio which is between hollywood and studio city, a beautiful old-school large room with gear coming out of its ears. Ryan Hewitt, who has recorded much of John Frusciante's solo work, engineered (and snapped photos) with the precision of a surgeon. Hrishikesh Hirway once again co-produced with me, bringing his calm presence to our road bedraggled posse of 3. Our friend Nikki from Silversun Pickups came by for a day to sing a duet with me called "TWO CAN PLAY".